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Have a question


 What type of jewelry can I wear in my piercing?


  1. Tongue: Any straight barbell may be worn. Those with smooth, flat, or rounded balls will be most comfortable. Captive bead rings or ball closure rings can often be worn in piercings close to the tip of the tongue.
  2. Eyebrow: One of the most versatile piercings, it can sport both straight and curved barbells, as well as captive rings.
  3. Navel: Curved barbells or captive rings are generally worn. Belly rings are popular, but care should be taken by those who are pierced at an angle to avoid those styles that require a straight vertical axis. A Twister or spiral barbell may be worn in a navel piercing in the same way that a circular barbell would.
  4. Earlobe: Probably the easiest piercing to fill, the earlobe can wear anything that is the correct gauge. Some styles may not be visually appropriate for an earlobe. This piercing tends to have the widest variation of gauges, but that is due largely to stretching and the unfortunate use of piercing guns.
  5. Labret/Lip: A labret will nearly always require a flatback barbell. Flatback labrets are ready-to-wear. Simply unscrew the front ball and insert into the piercing, being sure to retighten the ball all the way. Lip piercings can often accept a captive ring that encircles the lip, but if the inner diameter of the ring is too small, significant pain can result when facial tissues swell while you sleep.



  • Do's and Don'ts
  • Do wash your hands prior to contact on or near the area of your healing piercing.
  • Do leave the piercing alone except for when you are cleaning it. It is not necessary or advisable to rotate the ring while healing except during cleanings.
  • Do leave the starter jewelry in during the entire minimum initial healing time. Inappropriate jewelry should be changed out by a professional. Those with captive-style rings or barbells can change the bead/ball portion of the jewelry at any time.
  • Do check twice daily with clean hands to make sure the balls are screwed on tight on threaded jewelry such as barbells.
  • Do make sure your bedding is clean and changed frequently while you are healing.
  • Do wear clean, comfortable, breathable fabric clothing in the area of a body piercing.
  • Do get enough sleep, eat a nutritious diet, avoid undue stress, recreational drugs, and alcohol consumption.
  • Don't use alcohol, peroxide, Betadine as they are overly strong and drying which can hinder healing.
  • Don't apply any ointment such as Bacitracin, Neosporin or on your piercing. These prevent oxygen from reaching the wound and form a sticky residue which can cause complications.
  • Don't over clean. Cleaning more often than once or twice a day is NOT better. This can delay your healing and irritate your piercing.
  • Don't use too many different products; select and use only one cleaning solution (such as Provon or Satin) plus sea salt.
  • Don't hang charms or any object from your jewelry until the piercing is fully healed.
  • Don't submerge your piercings in water such as pools, lakes, jacuzzis unless you feel confident that the water is clean enough for you and an open wound.


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